Q. Where do I park at Benld UMC?


The main parking is the lot in front of the church.  However, if there are no parking spaces in front of the church, you can park along the street around the church or if necessary, you may even park in the grass behind the church.

Q. Do I need to dress any certain way to come worship at Benld UMC?

A. No, absolutely not! It does not matter what you wear, you are able to worship God in any wardrobe. We believe that giving God your best doesn't mean you have to dress your best, rather it means that your whole heart is wanting to love and worship God.

Q. Am I required to tithe?

A. At Benld UMC we believe that tithing (10% of ones income) is one of the parts of becoming a mature disciple of Christ. However, if you are visiting Benld UMC, we don't want you to feel pressured to tithe. In fact, we instead want to offer you the gift of Jesus Christ. If you feel led to tithe, then we won't stop you, but we are not going to pressure you to tithe.

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